photo of towels hanging on linephoto of towels hanging on linephoto of towels hanging on line

Depicted above hanging on a clothesline, we'd like to introduce you to our Grandmother's old friend - the Flour Sack Towel! The homemakers of yesteryear cherished their used flour sacks and transformed them into everything imaginable: quilts, aprons, dresses, baby clothes, sunbonnets, undergarments, even bathing suits! Technology has not been able to improve upon the qualities of the old fashioned flour sack towels: their absorbency, their ability to make glassware and dishes sparkle and their durability.

Back in 1982, RUSHdesign was the first to offer these original designs on 100% cotton towels, printed with environmentally safe lead-free inks on a generous size of 38" x 24". Our towels have blossomed into beautiful works of art found only on RUSHdesign towels.

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