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Welcome to a place to order great gifts: our unique kitchen towels!

We'd like to introduce you to our Grandmother's old friend - the Flour Sack Towel!  The homemakers of yesteryear cherished their used flour sacks and transformed them into everything imaginable: quilts, aprons, dresses, baby clothes, sunbonnets, undergarments, even bathing suits! Technology has not been able to improve upon the qualities of the old fashioned flour sack towels: their absorbency, their ability to make glassware and dishes sparkle, their durability.

The Original Flour Sack Towel!  Back in 1983, RUSHdesign was the first to offer these original designs on 100% cotton towels, which are printed with environmentally safe lead-free inks on a generous size of 38" x 24". Our Flour Sack Towels have blossomed into beautiful works of art, as it was discovered we could inspire our family of artists to draw, watercolor, and dream their pictures onto the soft cloth. Most of our design ideas come from collaborations between the Rushes,our extended family, the shopkeepers and our customers  - whom we always encourage to approach us with designs they'd like to see!)

Today, our towels are carried in kitchen shops, nurseries and garden centers, country and folk shops, museums, and specialty shops across the US. Our customers use these towels in their homes much the same way as our grandmothers did -as curtains, place mats, pillowcases, bags and sachets, children's clothing, gift wrap, and of course, in the kitchen. We are grateful to all of our customers, and thank them wholeheartedly for their patronage: they've truly made us what we are today!  We at RUSHdesign are intent on carrying out the same kind of legacy in our business as is exemplified in our product: Quality, Beauty, Longevity, Integrity. We hold these values up as a commitment to you, our customers, and old dear friends.

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