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Florals and Nature

Here captured is the first breath of Spring! Now your garden year round, Bulbs in Bloom shows off the short lived beauty of freesia, tulip, grape hyacinth, lily and iris, along with their golden bulbs.(BULB)

A beautiful field of Poppies in watercolor hues of rose, sunset and earth green, with botanical names in sepia across the backdrop.(P0P)


Fresh from your local Farmer's Market, enjoy these crisp Vegetables year round. This watercolor features radicchio, carrots, and broccoli on the ends of the towel. Small broccoli florets float through the central area of the design. (V)

Fruit Harvest is a warm watercolor design that will entice your taste buds with colorful pears, apples, blueberries, persimmons, and a pomegranate. This artwork complements the style of RUSHdesign's "Vegetables" design. The bold hues found in this fruit arrangement include granny smith green, bartlett yellow, braeburn red, sharon's fruit gold, vaccinium blue, and kandahar violet. (FH)

A delicate and elegant design, Wildflowers captures a hummingbird dipping into poppies, daisies and cornflowers, a scene inspired by some distant colorful field of wild blooms. (WILD)

Our Secret Garden Bunnies chase butterflies among hollyhocks, violets and thistles. (SGB)

Florabella wildflowers will delight gardeners and nature enthusiasts alike. Both botanical genus and common names are displayed above and below each flower, respectively. (F)

Cherries Deep red Cherries are tossed across this towel, with sweet sprigs of blossoms floating above a black, red and mint green border.(CH)

Holleyhock Garden Imagine your garden filled with colorful hollyhocks and hydrangeas with flowers climbiing a picket fence. Decorate your kitchen with a garden! (HG)

Dragonfly Garden captures the magical beauty of things flying, floating, hovering, in the atmosphere of our gardens…In a lovely colorful spin: dragonflies, butterflies, honeybees, petals and ferns adorn this scene in hues of raspberry, peach, lavender, earth green, sky blue. (DG)

Be My Honey Be My Honey, a RUSHdesign original design, shows flying flowers and bees above a golden beehive, surrounded by a wreath and lavender sprigs. A beautiful line of flowers completes the design - which like all our towels - appears on both the top and bottom of the towel.

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